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Eric Sykes

Eric Sykes



High definition Giclee print

"Comedian, actor, writer, and all round legend Eric Sykes. He posed for me this way because he used to like keeping wicket in charity cricket matches. "The only problem was" he told me, " a lot of the time, the ball kept hitting him on the chest. Especially when trying to keep wicket to Fred Trueman!". In the top left corner is a faded image of his Mother, who died giving birth to him, and he told me was with him daily. I spent more time laughing than painting, especially at his stories about Spike Milligan, who had an office across the landing. According to Eric they spent one morning sending across the landing a series of notes about what time they would go to lunch that day. Eventually, a note came across to Eric from Spike saying "We'll have to go to lunch now, I've ran out of paper!" Jack Russell MBE

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