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Jack Russell Originals

From The Tower of London to The Bradman Museum in Australia Jack Russell original oil paintings and pencil sketches are in public and private collections worldwide. Each piece of Jack's work is unique. In fact in the art world Jack himself is unique. The former England Wicket Keeper has now been a Professional Artist for nearly 30 years and enjoys painting a variety of subjects.

Jack's experience as an International Cricketer gives him an unrivalled knowledge for detail when creating a cricketing landscape. Who else in the world is better qualified! We advise viewing Jack's original work in person to experience for yourself first hand the way he captures the depth, light and atmosphere to any particular scene.

In addition to signing each painting, he also titles, signs and dates the back of the canvas, often adding notes and comments on where and how the picture took place. Also, Jack will be happy to pen to you personally a hand written note giving details about the particular work. The perfect provenance.

If you would like to view Jack's work in person or discuss the possibility of joining an elite group of collectors please contact us on 01454 329583 or email

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  1. Sheepfold and High Pike

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    Original painting, oil on canvas measuring 10" x 12" "Sheepfold and High Pike is on the Yorkshire Dales North Pennines Border at the West end of the Dales". Jack Russell MBE Learn More
  2. Martello Tower

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    Original painting, oil on canvas measuring 10" x 8" "Martello Towers were built to combat an invasion from Napoleon. This one at Felixstowe is around 30ft high with concrete walls 13ft thick, virtually impregnable. Gund could be placed on top and they housed around 20 men. They were also used during both World Wars as lookout and communication points and some were even used during the recent Cold War as nuclear bunkers". Jack Russell MBE Learn More

2 Item(s)

Important Notice Jack Russell Gallery does not and never has had any connection whatsoever with anyone selling or promoting artwork in the USA. The art of Jack Russell MBE is only available exclusively through this website. We have NEVER appointed an agent anywhere


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